Meet Youn6 Goo$e

What's up family imma let lil bruh speak for himself. Youn6 Goo$e Producer / Rapper of S.A.O. Beatz cannnot be denied in his pursuit to become one of the goats in the game. Let's takeoff and chop it up with my manz.

SB : So you go by Youn6 Goo$e now?

Y6G$ : Yea, Goose is my street name. I originally spelled it as Goose but used 6 for it's the shape of my hood Tildenville Florida. and the $ if you press shift + 4 on the keyboard it represents 400 or Winter Garden Fl So my name in totality represents me and where I come from.

SB : Keepin' it hundo as usual I feel that. How long have you been rapping?

Y6G$ : Ever since my cousins Carl and Charles said I couldn't ride with them unless I freestyle before we

SB : Lol you been doing this. When did you take it serious tho?

Y6G$ : Tbh this year. Future defied the laws of music making it okay to express yourself, however you feel and not be looked at differently. Boosie was MY inspiration tho! Everybody wanted to be Boosie Badd Azz...

SB: Straight up! Boosie still doing his thing, Big shoutout to the homie Boosie, he's definitely an inspiration to the game. Tell me Go Bihh and Name and Number records. How did they come about?

Y6G$ : Go Bihh. I was in the spot, girl came in tryin to finesse for some weed. Still cap'd on her but when she left I thought of what if she tried a lil harder w shaking a$$ n bribing to f%$k. Name and Number was dedicated to my lady. I described her in the song lyrics and all.

SB : I feel that famo this is real outchea I like how you use everyday experience. Moving forward waht is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand?

Y6G$ : To feed anybody who deserves a chance! ANYBODY I KNOW!

SB : That's it create opportunitoesyou didn't have. Yo famo stay focused afmily we rockin' with you! Thank you for your time and energythis was indeed anotherdope interview in SOUFBURG JOURNAL!!!

Y6G$ : Bless Up!

SB : You can hear Youn6 Goo$e om Urban Intel radio and streaming now in our sponsored singles playlist!

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