Meet TL the Kid

SJ : What's good homie? Got a few minutes for an interview?

TL : Of course would love to take some time for an interview!

SJ : Bet. Let's takeoff!!

TL : Sounds Good.

SJ : Introduce yourself to the community.

TL : I’m an artist/producer based in NYC from the DMV been producing/rapping for a couple years now.

SJ : The new single Whippin is litty. What and who inspired you to tap into your talent?

TL : I would say a lot of production inspiration comes from Kanye and artists with similar sounds. As far as writing/rapping I have lots of different artists I listen to for inspiration from Kendrick to Kanye to Jay Z . I love experimenting melodically as an artist and producer, Vince Staples and Kali Uchis also helped inspire me to make the beat for the song and the beat was made from a Kali Uchis record I was listening to at the time.

SJ : S/O to Vince Staples and Kali Uchis definitely doing their thing. So TL Moving forward what is your ultimate goal for you music and your brand?

TL : Ultimate goal would be branding myself as a producer and an artist and build a sustainable business around me and use those tools to continue growing in the industry. I want to rival artists I look up to and have a positive impact on the culture and inspire those who want to push themselves and do great things.

SJ : Indeed impacting the culture in a positive manner is always a plus one. As we wrap up tell us where can we find you and are there any new                 projects?

TL : Def 100... Am currently living and working with artists in NYC and plan releasing music later his year You can me on all social media platforms @TL_thekid. Appreciate your time.

SJ : Hey my G you're welcome. I appreciate your time and energy. That wraps it up for another dope interview with a future star.



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