Meet Smoove


SB: Today I got my man Smoove in the Journal! This guy should already be in your playlist. Smoove Thank you for your time and energy it's good to have you. 

SB: So talk to us tell us, How long have you been rapping? 

SMV: I appreciate yall taking the time. I've honestly been rapping since 2014. I started by freestyling a lot, then I started putting thoughts on paper. I didn't get to actually step into a studio until 2016. But I didn't record an actual song until 2017. 

SB: What and who inspired you to tap into your talent? 

SMV:  My homeboy was the one who was really good at it during that time I started,  he had everyone thinking he was it. I was like I swear I can do that too, then I started practicing at home. Listening mainly to J.Cole, Devin the Dude, Lil Wayne and Tupac. I started to really open up my eyes to this game and just elevated in my mind and haven't looked back since. 

SB: Moving forward what is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand? 

SMV: My ultimate goal in this is for people to realize that this world is a cruel, unforgiving place because we make it that way. I want to inspire change. Where we all don't have to sleep with one eye open because we don't what crazy thing is going to happen next. To also express who I am and how I see the world through my eyes. I wanna show people a different perspective of this crazy sequence called life. To show people that through all the stress we can find peace within ourselves.

SB: Smoove thank you famo for choppin' it up with us. That wraps it up for another dope a$$ interview in the SOUFBURG JOURNAL!! Be Sure to listen for Smoove on Urban Intel radio.

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