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So this is a first for us here at Soufburg!  This evening we have Seven and Counting chatting with us for a bit. This up and coming band from Croatia are stirring up venues wherever they go! So let's chop it up and meet Seven and Counting....

SB : Today we have Seven and Counting all the way from Croatia!! Thank you guys for talking with us here in the Journal! 

SAC : Good day and thank you for including us in your circle of featured unsigned artists! Hope we can do a lot for each other in this kind of promotion and presentation.

SB : No doubt! Let's take off! First off I want to again thank you for your time and energy. Tell us How long have you been singing together? 

SAC : It’s been three years since the band was formed in this, final,  lineup. We had a couple of breaks during that time due to certain health problems, like drummer’s back injury and recovery, our lead guitarist had serious pneumonia last year... It happens and there’s no way to control those issues. It slowed us down a bit but we keep on working and we look ahead to reach our goals.

SB : But true passion and love for the music keeps the fire burning. You guys have come a long ways.

SB : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent? 

SAC : I used to write songs for my own amusement, I never thought it might be interesting for anyone outside my living room. Suddenly, I realized I have songs written 20+ years ago I still enjoy playing and it made me wonder - what if those songs deserve to be heard outside of my own 4 walls? If I didn’t flushed them down the drain, maybe there is something worth of trying in them? So I decided to form this band and it was my first musical attempt ever. And I was 43 back then! :-) Fortunately, I was blessed with my bandmates who made this story to move forward. Our credo became ‘We start working on my song and we’ll finish the job with OUR song!”.

SB : Sounds like family lol!

SB : Moving forward, what is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand? 

SAC : We can plan only things we can control or have influence on. So far, it’s cutting and publishing our debut record. Along withe that process, we’re looking forward to playing gigs, crafting our performance and relationship with audience in live shows and develop our presence in social media. If it goes as planned and we publish our first record, who knows what will the day after bring on our doorstep? :-) We’ll just have to find the way to deal with it ‘on the fly’.

SB: Before we go do you have any shoutouts ? 

SAC : Look for Seven and Counting on your favorite social media platforms, take a few moments and listen to our songs and if you like what you hear, follow us for more content to come! Two more singles are to be released within next few weeks. Thank you once again for featuring us and regards to you, your listeners and readers from Croatia!

SB: That's a wrap another dope interview in SOUFBURG JOURNAL! Keep doing your thing Seven and Counting we appreciate good music for all to enjoy. You can find Seven and Counting on Urban Intel Radio.

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