Meet Patrice Lee

What's good Soufburg family today I'm excited about this guest. This lovely lady is blazing a trail for htose who really love the art of music. Without further ado Patrice Lee.

SB : Lady P Got a min for the 3 question interview?

PL : Let's go!

SB : First off it's a privilege to have you on our platform. Tell us how long have you been singing? 

PL : Thank you I really appreciate the opportunity. Ummm, Personally I've been singing since the age of twelve, Professionally, I have been writing and sing        music since I was nineteen. My first mixtape was "Life itself" and from there, I ghost wrote for a few artists until I dropped my second mixtape "Unspoken" and then "Stand Alone" and now here I am...

SB : Dope you've been doing your thing for minute. Who and what inspired you to tap into your talent? 

PL : Yes sir. Well believe it or not, my mother. Yeah she was a huge inspiration to me. She did some background singing for while before I came into the world, so she use to walk around the house singing and I would mimic the sounds she made. 

SB : Mothers are our first teachers and inspiration bless her for that. Truly can appreciate a support system like that!

PL : Yeah she's my heart.

SB : Moving forward what is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand? 

PL : I love this question... I'm a simple woman so I would love to have everyone to hear the music and enjoy it. I'm not into the whole makeup and pretty girl theme. So I would love for everyone to see me for who I am and for the music I make not for how I look or what I am wearing. That's why the album cover (Fuckin Wit Feelins. Coming in August) don't have my face on it. I don't care to much about fame, I just enjoy making good music. I hope that answers your question. Lol 

SB: Lol Yasss! 

PL : LOL Thank You!

SB : I dig it you have a very music driven brand which I love. 

PL : I mean... At the end of the day, that's what it's all about the music not so much the image. People get so carried away with how you look that they will judge your music based on that alone and that is crazy to me. I Love the feel and soul of music.

SB : That's true all day the masses are being driven to exclude substance. If music doesn't touch or move you in some way it's just noise.... That's how I feel don't quote me lol 

PL : You should he quoted on that though 

SB : Lol I feel that. Well Lady Patrice as we wrap up this dope interview any closing remarks for our audience?

PL : Yes. First, shots out to my team and Label 4HM Ent. Thank you to all that support what I do. Thank you for hearing the music and respecting my lane. I love and appreciate you all for rockin wit ya girl... Peace and Blessings. 

SB : You're more than welcome we appreciate your talent and love for the art of music. Thank you for your time and energy. That's it another one for the journal! Listen for Patrice Lee on Urban Intel Radio!



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