Meet Nicole Marie VP

All I can say is from the first interview up until now. We've been blessed to have some great talent to grace this platform. Family let me introduce Nicole Marie all the way from Cleveland Ohio. I don't want to spoil it but this interview will impact you in some shape form or fashion. Now as she has done to me let this interview impact you too.....

SB : Nicole Marie got a few minutes for an interview? 

NMVP : Sure!

SB : Cool! Let's takeoff. Thank you for your time and energy it is a pleasure to have you today. Tell the audience who you are. 

NMVP : Thank you for having me!!! my name is Nicole Marie VP I’m a producer/Songwriter & Singer born in Cleveland, OH and moved to East Harlem at a young age. I’m currently in Cleveland now.

SB : Nice big up to Ohio. There's a lot of fire talent up there. So Nicole Marie tell us how long have you been singing and producing?

NMVP : My brother brought me into the studio at the age of eight years old. He used to record songs and when he realized I could sing I started singing on his choruses. Word started to spread from there I started recording at studios in Cleveland Ohio, and then writing for other artists.

NMVP : I develop into an accomplished Singer songwriter being invited to open up as a musical act for the Summer Extention Jam Fests held by the Clear Channel radio stations in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio. I opened up for artists such as *NSYNC Jon B. Fergie and many more. I also had a Nationally Released Song on 93.1 WZAK at the age of 16. My manager at the time was KT from KT Silk and the Big Man who had his song playing on the radio called “Pillow Talk”.

NMVP : Yes you're right there’s a lot of fire talent from Cleveland, there really is. It’s a small world here so everyone knows everyone especially if you're in the mix that’s for sure.

SB : Yooo first of all you have one impressive resume as an indie artist. you really been doing this for a while and that's awesome to know I tell you I want to commend you on your two singles handle your business that fire ass remake of Tracie Spencer Tender Kisses and the new joint someone for me definitely fire

SB : So in the event of all this tell me what really inspired you to begin tapping and harnessing your talent?

NMVP : Thank you ! It’s been a long grind and still grinding. It’s so awesome that you listened to my songs!! I’m glad u liked them! I have to say it’s been such an honor to work with Legendary DJ Ron G he Produced both those songs and really worked with me to bring out the best Nicole Marie! His ear is incredible and I really respect him a lot and I actually grew up listening to him and his mix tapes. So to be able to work with him was actually like a dream come true. Shout out to @legendaeydjronG !!!

SB : You're welcome good music is good music. We search continually for music and artists that we feel can have an impact not only musically but individuals too. Ayeeee Dj Ron G lit!!!!.... You're definitely on to something with your current sound and vibe.

NMVP : I was inspired to tapping in and harnessing my talent because there was a time when I lost everything in NY was bout to be on the street I gave up on music. I was round the wrong crowd and trusted the wrong people. I ended up going to a convent where the nun prayed with me and offered me shelter and food and all threes resources. I’ll never forget her name was Sister Monica. I had hit rock bottom.

NMVP : It was at that Point where I started to Pray to God and really listened to his voice. I was scared but The Lord Saved my life and guided me with the right people he got me back on my feet and gave me strength. I give him all the Glory and I promised him that if I ever was to get back in music I would tell people the miracles he did in my life.

NMVP : This was the motivation to get back into music but this time with the right mind frame and to be able to give back especially to women and children in crisis like I was and especially to the convent that helped me. I’m still working on my craft everyday, and I’m always in competition with myself to better myself.

SB : Wow what an inspiring testimony man I'm a little teary-eyed, but I am smiling at the same time. Wow no wonder your music has so much life and so much feeling you have really crossed over into your genuine self. I find it awesome that you are in the mind frame of giving back not only to the community but to women and children women and children especially in these days really really need someone to know that they're cared about and they're thought of I mean this are our country in general really needs to know that there are genuine people that are still alive and still care.

SB : Moving forward, what is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand?

NMVP : My goals for my music and my brand is to continue to create good music. I also want to be able to give back to the communities, women and children in Crisis, and the homeless etc. I Performed at Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina and won the conqueror entertainment contest along with market America and  so I’m really excited because I’ve been working on creating trend shops with the owners and the director to be able to brand myself to a bigger audience. We’re on zoom conference calls at least once a week working on all of these incredible things!! I’m grateful to everyone who is supporting me there’s a lot of people that wanna see me win and I’m working hard at my passion. 

SB : That wraps it up for another inspiring and heartfelt intimate interview here in the Soufburg Journal thank you Nicole Marie for your time and energy and sharing a few moments from your life that brought you to this point and a glimpse of where you're going. Any last comments shoutouts before we get out of here?

NMVP : I would like to tell people that it’s never to late to go for your dreams and goals. Never let anyone discourage you and keep fighting for what you believe in. Take little steps every day towards your goals. I’m not perfect but I know With God all things are possible!! 

NMVP : Really wanna thank all the DJs and DJ Coalitions rocking with me Vodkila DJs, Nerve DJs, Fleet DJs- Mp3 Wax - and the list goes on !!!

SB : Stay tuned as we continue to follow Nicole Marie's Journey to success, be sure to stream with us on Urban Intel radio and you can hear Nicole Marie's Dope singles "Handle Your Business" and "Someone for Me". Nicole You're amazing!

NMVP : Awww thank you my friend !!! Your words are very heartfelt and amazing thank you for listening to my story I’m appreciative for this interview. SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE GOING FOR THEIR DREAMS AND NOT GIVING UP SHOUT OUT TO SOUFBURG FOR THE DOPE INTERVIEW !!! It’s all luv over here!!!

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