What's good Family welcome to another exciting yet intimate interview with one of the coolest female rappers on the block. Let's chop it up with MzNay.

SB : MzNay good day!

MzNay : Hey U & good day 2 U as well.

SB :  You got a few mins to answer a few questions?

MzNay : Yes.

SB : Nice I know you're a busy lady so let's takeoff! 

SB :Thank you again the new single is lit fam tell us about it. 

MzNay : Lol, and you're welcome. MEDALS became an inspiration because of all of my hardwork & grind. Like I said in my 1st bar, "I deserve all the Medals," & I truly believe that I do. It will be on my album dropping next week. 

SB : Ahh man new album this is going to be good lol 

SB : So tell us how long have you been rapping? 


MzNay : Lol, yes it is..... thangs are about 2 get LIT up around here. lol My career in music started about 8 yrs ago. A tragic situation in my life bought all this about. I've been going HEAVY since then. 

SB : Tragic situation you say. 

MzNay : Yes, I was molested & it was a dark side of my life, God & music saved my life. It took alot of strength 2 come thru the thangs I have, but I made it & I thank God errday for it. 

SB : Yes that can be a very difficult trauma to overcome as a girl. But look at what tragedy created a beast on the mic lol. 

SB : So who and what inspired you to tap into your talent. Ex. Music artists family concert 

MzNay : Actually, a friend that rapped at the time, it was a guy heard 1 of the poems that I had wrote pertaining to the ordeal & said I should turn my poems into raps. So one day I hit up my brothers friends that actually were doing music at the time & got me some instrumentals. I spit & spit raps until it gave me a damn migraine! lol But you're right, look at me today, rappa dappa snappa wit a lot of smoke. 

SB : Hahaaaaa damn right! 

SB : So my final question. Moving forward what is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand? 

MzNay : U betta know it!! lol 

MzNay : The game has changed so much now & I LUv my independence. I'm here 2 give good music, real character, & truth. That's my contribution 2 my brand & my fans. I really appreciate all the support that I been given, it's a nice feelin when other ppl believe in ur brand just as much as U do. 

SB : Indeed it does. MzNay thank you for your time and energy it was a pleasure chopping it up with you today. Much success and next level ish on the album. Before we go any mentions or shoutouts? 

MzNay : Thank y'all 4 having me & many blessings. I would like 2 thanks Jesus 1st 4 making me who I am today.... S/o my management BIG CITY 4 all he does... big up 2 all the DJ's that continue 2 rock wit me HEAVY, & all my fans & supporters.... can't do it without them. God bless & y'all stay #HEAVY! 

SB : Ayeeeeee we lit! Keep that ish on they azz MzNay! That wraps it up for another dope interview in Soufburg Journal. Stay tuned for Medals streaming on Urban Intel Radio and all streaming major streaming platforms. 


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    Real nice and #HEAVY Interview. 💯
    🔥#MEDALS 🥇on #SoundCloud!!!
    #NewMusic #NowPlaying #artist #music
    #trapmusic #pop #hiphopculture #remix #youtube #newsong #listentothis
    #party #bestsong #partymusic #rappers
    #favoritesong #dubstep #jam #lovethisson

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