Meet Mars Noel


SB : Today we have Mars Noel here in the Journal. Mars what's good thank you for talking with us today.

MN : Thank you for having me brothers and sisters you're definitely welcome.

SB : No doubt! Let's take off my G. First off I want to again thank you for your time and energy. Tell us How long have you been rapping?

MN : I've been rapping for something short of a lifetime. More specifically just about from high school.

SB : No doubt.

SB : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent?

MN : The environment and the culture of the Inner cities of both New York and New Jersey. My infatuation with hip hop started around 1987-88 watching the major artists of the time on tv such as Rob Base and Ez Rock, KRS One, RUNDMC Big Daddy Kane and the like that were the faces of hip hop and rap music but also listening to The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.

SB : Moving forward, what is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand?

MN : Ultimately to provide a platform for myself and others to achieve some sort of success and awareness in relation to life and society.

SB: Before we go do you have any shoutouts ?

MN : This wouldn't be a reality or possibility without the help and support of my network of talented artists and professionals that I work with, my fans, family and friends and especially to Soufburg dot com for giving me this opportunity and platform. Peace 2 the masses!

SB: That's a wrap another dope interview in SOUFBURG JOURNAL! Keep doing your thing Mars we appreciate good clean music for all to enjoy. You can find Mars on Urban Intel Radio. 

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