Meet Leo Vance

SJ : Leo the single is hot. Got a min for a  interview in Soufburg Journal? 

LV : Of course and thank you I really appreciate it. It means a lot 

SJ : Cool fam! Let's take off! First off Big up to you and the new release. I see you've been switching it up lately. 

So tell us How long have you been rapping? 

  LV : I have been producing and writing since my early teens. I started developing my flows in 2016

Yes, and thank you I have been switching it finding my lane and listening to feedback and such 

 SJ : You're welcome how's the new sound and flow feel now? 

 What and who inspired you to tap into your talent? 

 LV : Honestly, I feel right at home. I have always felt better in a more laid back feel and flow. At times, I get pressured to try to fit in what’s going on now in rap. But my personality has never been one to try to fit in. I feel comfortable and more inspired to just do what comes natural. 

 My father is from Detroit, and my mother is from Toronto. They both met at Jack The Rapper, not sure if you know that music seminar from back in the day lol! My mother sings and my father produces so I always found myself in studios with my dad since I was a baby. They both inspired me to do music. I use to play basketball while I was in school. Basketball really taught me the work ethic, discipline and the drive to push farther. I wasn’t the competitive type, but basketball helped me to see the importance of process and become better. 


SJ : Moving forward. What is your ultimate goal for you music and your brand? 

LV :  My next EP is a follow up to Prelude. It will be called Interlude...looking forward to that! I’m thinking late spring for that! Also, I go by the name of Emerald Beatz for my production name. Posting new stuff on that. Working on a new single in between a collab really. Can’t say right now but its definitely a banger!!! I produced this one. Oh and I am making an app just putting the final touches on it actually. I designed and created it myself for my music. Really happy about that! 

SJ : Definitely focused on building a solid brand I feel that Leo. My G stay up with us here at Soufburg. Looking for more music and banging beats from you! That wraps it up for another interview I thank you for you time and energy! You can find Leo Vance Streaming Live here. 

LV : Thanks for having me, I am very humbled that you took time to interview me! I will get my my publicist to send. Thanks again

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