Meet L.A. G


SJ : It's Lit! today I got my mans L.A.G chopping it up with us today! Let's takeoff! So bro, how long have you been an artist? 

L.A.G : I've been a full-time artist for around 2-3 years now! 

SJ : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent? 

L.A.G : To be honest, it was failure, I graduated high school with somewhat of a plan, to be a teacher and a coach. I enjoyed college, somewhat, but at a certain point, I realized that this was EVERYBODY else's dream and not mine. I always enjoyed being an entertainer and I've written music since 10, and I finally came to the conclusion that THIS was my real dream. It took my mother, and brother to fully push myself in it, and since then, I never looked back. 

SJ : Moving forward. What is your ultimate goal in your music and your brand? 

L.A.G : My ultimate goal is to be in the world, to be present to the world, and to be a legitimate contributor to the overall good of music. I know that that's a typical answer, be super famous, but my thing is, WHY? My desire to reach as many as I can is for the purpose of changing lives, and using myself as an example and a leader for others to follow. 

SJ : Thank you again for chatting with us today fam it was a pleasure. That wraps it up for another dope interview 

       here in the Soufburg Journal. 

L.A.G : Appreciate it man, thanks for having me!!

SJ : Listen for LA G streaming on Urban Intel Radio.

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