Meet Julius Smokes

SJ : Gm my G peace. Thank you for using our platform. Got time for an interview for our blog?

JS : I'm down wht good? 

SJ : Thanks for your time and energy fam! Let's takeoff 

SJ : Introduce yourself to the audience. 

JS : @BuddahHeadz Harlem world ROH legend on deq! 

SJ : Tell us about Julius Smokes. 

JS : Hip hop artist/Pro Wrestler/ Ceo of @BuddahHeadz 

       I worked for the Ring of Honor 2002-

SJ : Who are some of your major influences in music? 

 JS : Tupac, KRS 1, Rick James 

SJ : Very eclectic mix of artists. 

JS : Big Pun also! They love music like i do period. 

SJ : What makes Julius Smokes brand different from others? 

JS : Darker the berry deeper to the root. Our lyrics & music 

       Original content & lyrics makes you dance & think! 

 SJ : I feel that. How long have you been rapping? 

 JS : For a minute bro, black & good music don't crack. lol 

SJ : Lol ! Where can we find you and the Buddah Headz squad and are there any upcoming projects? 

JS : UNDU KATI new single "GETTING BUSY" is available in all music digital stores. 

SJ : Which is good hip hop on deck! Now playing on Urban Intel Radio. 

JS : Thanks Indeed for adding it to your rotation. Rottweilers & Vulture Squad emoji out in march! 

SJ : That's what's up my G. That wraps it up for another dope interview. Again Thank you for your time and energy! Be sure 

to checkout Julius Smokes and The Buddah Headz Squad on Urban Intel Radio.

JS : Thanks bro for the opportunity! 

SJ : Teamwork make the Dream work fam. 


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