Meet Gregory Allen


SJ : How long have you been singing? 

GA : I come from a musical family. I started banging on drums at six. The singing came about with my sister singing country songs together before bed. We were always singing around the house as a family for fun. Eventually, I didn’t think I learned a song on guitar unless I learned all the words. It didn’t make sense to only learn the chords to me. So I sang. I learned everything by ear. My vocals seem to come from my mother’s side of the gene pool.

SJ : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent? 

GA : My parents played music together at local bars for years. I always wanted to make my father proud and follow his lead in life. I began to hound him for guitar lessons here and there at 12. He taught me for a few months and I had taken an interest in classic rock and modern rock just before he passed away when I had turned 13. Then I was off to fill his shoes, or try at least.

SJ : Moving forward. What is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand? 

GA : I was struck by a train in Florida in 2015 and lost both of my legs below the knees. I recreated my life shortly after. I’ve had some experiences I’d say are worth sharing. My hope is that I can provoke an emotion to listeners that may go unidentified but relatable and they can feel connected and understood. I hope the messages in my music brings joy to others and could inspire some folks. I think everyone’s seeking to feel love and feel some peace.

SJ : Greg I appreciate your time and energy. Mixed up plays every Monday on FRESH at 5pm. That wraps it up for another dope and inspiring interview here on SOUFBURG  JOURNAL.

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