Meet Flamez

SJ : Good day Lady Flamez 

Flamez : Hi Good day to you as well 

 SJ : Got a few minutes for the interview? 

Flamez : Yes I'm good now. 

SJ : Cool. Let's takeoff! First off I want to thank you for your time. 

Flamez : Thank you for yours as well 

 SJ : How long have you been rapping? 

Flamez : Ive been rapping for 15yrs buy I fell in love with #Hiphop when I was 7 

SJ : Ah man so you know the grassroots lol I dig it! 15 years you're in love with the art I can really appreciate that. 

SJ :  Who and what encouraged you to tap into your gift? 

Flamez : Absolutely! When I tell you my uncle was a DJ I heard him mix 45Kings 900Number with slick rick I lost my mind!! I was inspired by Queen Latifah she is strong & passionate.

SJ : Unc was mean on the 1 and 2's !

Flamez : When I heard that man I was is love!! Lol!

SJ :  Moving forward. What do you want for your music and your brand? 

Flamez : I want for ppl of all ages to enjoy my music feel inspired to progress feel better about them for the soul is beautiful and takes us on the emotional roller coaster.. I can relate  My brand..Im Powerful strong dominate yet passionate .I'm a woman making an impact to change lives and share my story with the world. I would love to help ppl its my calling 

SJ : Yes Queen. Your heart is speaking. You're definitely in the zone.

Flamez : This music is my life its all I've ever known.

SJ : Well Flamez that wraps it up for this awesome interview. It will post in our site in 24 to 48 hours. 

Flamez : Thank you it was definitely a good interview I appreciate your support 

SJ : Check it out. I want chat with you more later. Is this possible? 

Flamez : Sure.

SJ : Stay tuned for more Flamez in Part II of this awesome interview. 


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