Meet Dj Rome Stallion

SB : Rome Stallion a minute of your time for an interview!

DJRS : Where's it at???!!

SB : Well if you got a few mins let's takeoff 

SB : How long have you been rapping/dj? 

DJRS :Ive been DJing for 7 years now and executive producing for 2 years! Best career decision I’ve ever made

SB : Wow I hear that feels good don't it lol... What and who inspired you to tap into Your talent? 

DJRS : GOD! I was homeless for 4 months living in my car on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA broke AF and GOD spoke to me through a dream one night! Basically told me to give EVERYTHING I have to this music and things will work out for the best! Here I am now living and chasing the dream, when I was literally down at my worst! Im that rose that continues to grow out from concrete! 

DJRS : Its been quite a journey as you can see... i grew up with my grandparents who were engulfed in music. The best memory i have of how i was influenced is of my grandparents having guests over and me running around... until at some point i would find myself simply contemplating all the music they were playing. I was no longer interested in running around chasing dreams because music was giving me that gift. 

SB : Bro I really feel inspired right now. So it was instilled in you early, that's dope af. 

     SB :  So moving forward what is your ultimate goal for your music and your brand? 

DJRS : Honestly I simply want to be ME! We live in an industry which dictates what you gotta do and who you gotta be that at some point, I want to stop playing that part! As musicians we are held at a certain threshold and we’re working towards it and at some point it’d be nice to simply just be an artist! 

SB : I feel that wholeheartedly the music landscape is under heavy renovation so being recognised as an artist is key 

SB : Bro thank you for your time and energy this was indeed the most inspiring interview. I appreciate you sharing with us. That wraps it up.

        You can find Dj Rome Stallion  streaming on Urban Intel Radio everyday.  


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