Meet Alonna DeVille

With many accolades in such a short time in here budding career Alonna Deville continues to display that she is one if not the Femcee to watch for! Let's chop it up with our Baby First Lady of BMG!!

SJ : Alonna Let's make it official. Our audience is curious about the BMG Firstlady. 

AD : Bring it! 

SJ : Bet Let's Takeoff!! 

SJ : Introduce yourself to the audience. 

AD : Alonna Deville,...not your average rap bitch, Beastly Music Groups First lady 

SJ : Who are some of your major influences in music? 

AD : Honestly every female that has touched the mic influenced me,to try to pick one would be disrespectful to them all 

SJ : I can feel that. Tell us what makes Alonna Deville's brand different from others? 

AD : What makes my brand different ? Good question. The fact that I speak about what I have been thru no other artist has lived my life, my focus and goals are nothing like anyone else and that what makes my brand mine!

SJ : How long have you been a singer/rapper? 

AD : Not a long time,but I have had music in my life always, I have grown as a artist the last couple years and I feel its my time. 

SJ : Indeed I can tell you're falling into your niche. So dope! 

SJ : Where can we find you and do you have any upcoming projects? 

AD : Every link I have is on my website  and I have a tour in the works and another project  plus new collabs. 

SJ : Dope. Another Cashback Mafia project.. Shoutout to DJ Kenni Starr. Any name drops on your collabs? 

AD : Yeah S/o to my bro Dj Kenni Star,Gael Crakk,Dj KoolHand and Dj Malone and as far as the name drops not til the money drops lol 

SJ : Ayeeee lol! Bet that up First Lady! 

SJ : Hey I appreciate your time and energy and for reppin this platform the way you do it means so much to us. 

SJ : That wraps it up for another Dope interview. Big up to you Alonna and the BMG Family. Be sure to listen for her new single Slugg'n on Urban Intel Radio and your local stations! 


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