Meet n Greet

Leo vance

Meet Leo Vance

SJ : Leo the single is hot. Got a min for a  interview in Soufburg Journal? 

LV : Of course and thank you I really appreciate it. It means a lot 

SJ : Cool fam! Let's take off! First off Big up to you and the new release. I see you've been switching it up lately. 

So tell us How long have you been rapping? 

  LV : I have been producing and writing since my early teens. I started developing my flows in 2016. 

Yes, and thank you I have been switching it finding my lane and listening to feedback and such 

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Barry media modeling

Meet Mz. Blue

SJ : How long have you been rapping?

MB : I started rapping when I was in High-School but I didn't start to take it serious and pursue it until about 9 years ago. I started winning competitions and I really got attention when I won the Lipstick Radio Best Female Rap award and the Urban Underground Awards in 2014.

SJ : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent?

MB : I grew up in a house where music was highly respected so I listened to my dads Scarface/Ghetto Boys instrumentals and freestyled on…

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Tl thekid

Meet TL the Kid

SJ : What's good homie? Got a few minutes for an interview?

TL : Of course would love to take some time for an interview!

SJ : Bet. Let's takeoff!!

TL : Sounds Good.

SJ : Introduce yourself to the community.

TL : I’m an artist/producer based in NYC from the DMV been producing/rapping for a couple years now.

SJ : The new single Whippin is litty. What and who inspired you to tap into your talent?

TL : I would say a lot of production inspiration comes from Kanye and artists with similar sounds. As far…

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Matine davis

Meet Matine Davis

SJ : How long have you been doing music? 

MD : Its been a long journey, I started experimenting with certain instruments at a young age, between the ages of 7 and 13, I came from a musical background so its always been a part of my life.  

Shortly after I spent the majority of my teenage years traveling to home studios, basements, and a few smaller professional studio environments that me and my team tried to consistently be in or around 2011 marked the start of my path to professionalism. That year I put…

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Julius smokes

Meet Julius Smokes

SJ : Gm my G peace. Thank you for using our platform. Got time for an interview for our blog?

JS : I'm down wht good? 

SJ : Thanks for your time and energy fam! Let's takeoff 

SJ : Introduce yourself to the audience. 

JS : @BuddahHeadz Harlem world ROH legend on deq! 

SJ : Tell us about Julius Smokes. 

JS : Hip hop artist/Pro Wrestler/ Ceo of @BuddahHeadz 

       I worked for the Ring of Honor 2002-

SJ : Who are some of your major influences in music? 

 JS : Tupac, KRS 1, Rick James 

SJ : Very…

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Morisha danee

Meet Morisha Danee

We in here! I've been waiting on this lady. Her vibe is something serious. The New single Go Forward is a Positive energy overload.

Welcome Morisha Danee to Soufburg... Let's takeoff!!!

SJ : How long have you been singing? 

MD : I have been singing all my life. Literally. My mother told me I was humming songs before I was able to form words. I’ve been singing in front of people since age 6.

SJ : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent? 

MD :  I’m inspired by many artist. Way to many to name…

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Jazzi jay

Meet Jazzi Jay

Just when you thought it was over we back in the building!!! introducing newcomer Jazzi Jay.

Let's takeoff!

SJ : Jazzi thank you for chopping it up with us for a few moments. The new single is groovy btw.

SJ : Tell us, how long have you been rapping?

JJ : Thank you for your time and energy. I've been rapping for 6 years.

SJ : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent?

JJ :   Growing up - my dad was a bouncer / manager of a club anytime I got to walk in there I thought "Wow, the…

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Meet Wanita

Welcome to another interview here in Soufburg. Today we have the talented Wanita from Australia. Be sure to listen for her on 

Urban Intel Radio. Let's takeoff!

SJ : Wanita thank you for your time. I have some quick questions for our audience.

SJ : How long have you been singer songwriter and rapper?

Wanita : I’ve been singing since I was a child. However songwriting, recording and pursuing a career in hiphop has only been the last 16 months. 

SJ : What and who inspired you to tap into your talent?

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Cling music

Meet Cling with another interview. I'm excited about this one. Welcome Cling our first EDM artists to grace this platform. Let's takeoff!

Cling are Susi Lavender (vocals) and Gerald Patient (programming/production) 
We have been influenced by many electronic bands over the years, but Massive Attack has to be a big one. 
Intricate beats, ethereal lyrics and haunting vocals combine to make Cling unique. 
We have done music together since 2003. It has always been a part of our lives. 
We have a new…

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Elizmi haze

Meet Elizmi Haze

Thank you for following us here on Social Media and taking time for this interview. Let's takeoff..... 

SJ: Introduce yourself to the audience. 

Elizmi : My name is Elizmi Haze, I am 20 today and live in a small village on an island off the coast of Kent in the UK.

SJ: Who are some of your major influences in music?

ELizmi : I was brought up with northern soul, ska, reggae, and jazz. My first influencer and always will be is Ella Fitzgerald. She is an amazing performer and I fell in love with her style…

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