A Law and Emotion Picture 2

SJ : Yooo what's good you wanna talk about the EP? What's the biz bro.... 

AL : Yea sure. Whats up? 

SJ : So Emotion Picture 2 is ready. How do you feel about this one 

AL : I feel more confident. been getting good feedback on tracks off it so far from ppl and local radio. I've grown more as an artist too 

 SJ : I hear that caught a few freestyles on IG. When is the release date? 

AL : Pushing towards may 1st. 2 year anniversary from the first one 

AL : Yea I used IG to build awareness and it helped 

SJ : Nice strategy whatever works to get ppl to notice. The grind is real fam. 

       What's your fav song off of this new joint? 

AL : Wanna win", and "Do what it do" 

 AL : Yea you gotta use what you got to get what you want. resourceful 

 AL : I know you said one but it's tough lol. it's a tie at the moment. 

 SJ : Wanna win is a banger. Your sound has a distinct flavor. How many on this one? 

AL : Thanks. 6 tracks. same as before. quality over quantity 

 SJ : That's the move there mi son. Keep it up we'll check in with you soon. Is ther cover art yet? 

AL : not yet but sometime later this month it should be 

SJ : Thanks bro 

AL : no problem. appreciate the support. 

 SJ : Always

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