Meet Mars Noel


SB : Today we have Mars Noel here in the Journal. Mars what's good thank you for talking with us today.

MN : Thank you for having me brothers and sisters you're definitely welcome.


Meet Dj Rome Stallion

SB : Rome Stallion a minute of your time for an interview!

DJRS : Where's it at???!!

SB : Well if you got a few mins let's takeoff 

SB : How long have you been rapping/dj? 

Meet Nicole Marie VP

All I can say is from the first interview up until now. We've been blessed to have some great talent to grace this platform. Family let me introduce Nicole Marie all the way from Cleveland Ohio. I don't want to…

Meet Alonna DeVille

With many accolades in such a short time in here budding career Alonna Deville continues to display that she is one if not the Femcee to watch for! Let's chop it up with our Baby First Lady of BMG!!




What's good Family welcome to another exciting yet intimate interview with one of the coolest female rappers on the block. Let's chop it up with MzNay.

SB : MzNay good day!

MzNay : Hey…


Hello friends I have had the privilege to chat with the stunning electro pop singer Kiah! Now in France shooting the video for her new single out the end of July. I was graciously given a few moments to chat…

Meet Youn6 Goo$e

What's up family imma let lil bruh speak for himself. Youn6 Goo$e Producer / Rapper of S.A.O. Beatz cannnot be denied in his pursuit to become one of the goats in the game. Let's takeoff and chop it up with…

Meet seven and Counting


So this is a first for us here at Soufburg!  This evening we have Seven and Counting chatting with us for a bit. This up and coming band from Croatia are stirring up venues wherever they go! So let's…

Meet Julia Nixon

SB : Today we have the songstress Ms. Julia Nixon here in the Journal.  Hello Julia and thank you for talking with us today. 

  JN :Hello it is so nice to be here with you and it is also…

Meet Kadeeik

SB : Today we have Kadeeik here in the Journal. Kadeeik what's good thank you for talking with us today. 

KD :  I really appreciate you guys taking the time to acknowledge as well, it's an honor. 

SB : No doubt! Let's take…

Meet Smoove


SB: Today I got my man Smoove in the Journal! This guy should already be in your playlist. Smoove Thank you for your time and energy it's good to have you. 

SB: So talk to us tell…

Meet Patrice Lee

What's good Soufburg family today I'm excited about this guest. This lovely lady is blazing a trail for htose who really love the art of music. Without further ado Patrice Lee.

SB : Lady P Got a min for the…